Balanced Dieting & Exercising

Our Approach to Healthy Weightloss

Our weightloss methodology contains three essential ingredients. Together they create a lifestyle change that will help you maintain and live a healthy life.  At Southern Primary Care, the medical weightloss specialists offer outstanding care for healthy and quick weightloss. Throughout the process, our experts work shoulder to shoulder with you to shred the excess fat in your body. You should expect a balanced diet and fitness schedule, appetite-restraining drugs, and ongoing therapy from our weightloss experts.

Eating Clean

Eating healthy food that is designed to fill you up while meeting your daily nutritional needs.

Effective Exercise

Combining the right diet with the proper workout to have the most significant impact.

Metabolism Booster

Using supplements such as pills and booster medication to help expedite weightloss.

Weightloss Diet for YOU and YOUR Goals

Our weightloss method begins by measuring your body fat and estimating BMI, including a blood test in the laboratory. After considering the patient data, your provider will created an appropriate plan for you. Our physician will include a diet that promotes faster weightloss according to this information. You received a diet plan based on your blood results, food choice, and weightloss target. The food in your diet plan will be focused on the local market’s availability, making it easy to stay on track. You’re still going to have a variety of food but in a smaller amount. In time, you’re going to reach the point where your appetite is satisfied with a lesser amount of food.

Weightloss Is More Than Just Eating Right.

But Working Out Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.



Finding a Balance is Important to Maintaining Your Weightloss Results

More than a third of U.S. adults are obese. Weight gain happens as you eat more calories than your body absorbs. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can help avoid and manage many diseases and conditions. The secret to this is “Finding a Balance” in your lifestyle that involves healthy eating and daily physical activity.

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 But What About After Weightloss Program?

How to Maintain Your Results

Proactive Preparation for Life After Coaching

After 12 weeks of nutritional coaching sessions (once a week) with your provider, you will see a decrease in body fat mass and overall body weight. Your dietary habits will also change, along with reducing your overall energy and fat consumption and increasing your fiber ingestion. Your everyday physical activity and energy consumption will also increase. The coaching program will offer immediate health benefits through a plan to encourage improvements in your lifestyle. The nutritional coaching approach will effectively help you build new eating habits and improve your long-term health.

Lifetime Access to Premium Nutrition Resources

The weightloss plan will provide you with the resources you need that can be utilized even after the program ends. Tools such as BMI calculator, calorie intake tracker, calories burned tracker, daily meal planning and daily workout routine can help you maintain the lifestyle to living healthy even after the completion of the program. By continuing your strategy after the program, you will be able to maintain your body weight.

Personalized Weightloss

There is No One Diet For Everyone

Many diets concentrate on decreasing your appetite, while others reduce calories, carbs, or fat. It can be challenging to know which ones are worth trying because they claim to be superior. The reality is that no one diet is best for everyone, and for someone else, what works for you does not work. That is why we take an individual approach to our weightloss program, call us now to learn more!

Weightloss FAQ

Learn How it Works!

Any new or current patient who is inspired to keep fit and lose weight is welcome to enter the program. Reason you need to be our patient is so that we have a more comprehensive understanding of your medical history in order to create a plan that is truly made for you.

You are assessed by a Medical Doctor during each visit. You will also have access to a personal fitness specialist that will assist you with your individualized weight loss plan.

It is beneficial for all kinds of overweight body types. Realistic targets will be set during the consultation. If you have diabetes, a change to the dosage or insulin dose would be prescribed depending on your condition.
What weightloss program do you have, and how does your program vary from others?
Based on patient comfort, we use metabolic boosters and diet pills. Nutritional assistance for dietary / calorie requirements is also provided in the weightloss program. The program also helps patients to lose excess fat but no muscle mass, so that after weightloss, they still feel strong while looking better.


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