What Will My Doctor Look for in a Physical Wellness Exam?

Humans bear general features that doctors can use a guidepost for what is described as normal health in adults.
Irregularities with many of the functions listed above can be an indicator of underlying health issues or poor behaviors. High blood pressure and heart rate can indicate heart issues, while unusual sounds during breathing might reveal a lung problem. Your doctor is looking for anything out of the ordinary regarding vital functions to guide their knowledge regarding your health and risk for disease. From there, they can prescribe further care and information regarding your lifestyle.

What Kind of Exams Do We Offer?

A physical wellness exam is a quick way to monitor your health and provide peace of mind regarding your wellbeing.
Southern Primary Care is happy to perform physical wellness exams for your annual checkup, future employment, sports-related checkups, and more.

Monitoring Your Health

The more accurate your doctor’s knowledge is regarding your health, the surer you can be that your body is in ideal shape. 
Monitor yourself and your wellbeing to ensure that you’re around for long, healthy life.

The Importance of Wellness Exams

A regular physical checkup is the best way to catch problems early so that you don’t have to worry. 
It’s better to catch these problems early before they have a chance to progress and become something more serious. That’s why we offer these exams.

When it comes to good health

A physical wellness exam is vital for monitoring your body for healthy function and disease. 
It includes a general checkup of body functions. Your doctor will check for lung health, heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, and weight issues.

Our patients come first

It’s also a chance for you and your doctor to converse about health concerns, and to address issues with your diet, habits, or mental health. It’s also an opportunity to monitor for things that may be present in your family’s medical history. These regular screenings are a great line of defense for catching illness early.